Promotions: Our Take

Let's Talk Promo’s: Join Ruey in Shopping Consciously 💚

At Ruey, we are committed to offering promotions throughout the year that reflect our values. We stand against overconsumption and believe in the timeless value of high-quality, eco-friendly basics that you can cherish and wear repeatedly.

We would like our offers to be for those who have yet to experience the quality of our pieces and to those who are building their sustainable capsule wardrobe. We want to take this as an opportunity to convince any sceptical customer of HOW amazing our pieces really are, 

Our promise to you is this: We will never compromise on our values. We pledge not to create products specifically for promotions or sales events we may run in the future. Our sales and promotions will never disrupt our supply chain, affect the fair compensation we provide to our suppliers, or impact the wages of our dedicated workers.

Our commitment to sustainability and responsible consumerism remains unwavering. By choosing Ruey, you're not just purchasing clothing; you're investing in a future where quality and consciousness go hand in hand. Join us during these promotions and beyond in celebrating a different, more meaningful way to shop.

Say bye to fast-fashion and hello to the lasting, quality wardrobe essentials that you are our planet deserve 💚